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Tokenized environmentally friendly crypto mining, cloud-mining, staking, network bridging, and shopping services.

XBX is an ERC-20 based

XBX is an ERC-20 based cryptocurrency and serves as utility token for the XBX digital ecosystem

Based on the Ethereum network. Also bridging to TRC-20 (Tron), BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain), the Polygon Network.

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XBX Technicals

XBX Technicals

Total supply 9,999,999,999 XBX

In Circulation: 8,999,999,999.1 XBX

XBX BitX Wallet

The BitX Wallet allows you to store XBX token, and swap it to other crypto and Fiat currencies. The wallet also connects to the XBX Crypto Card.

XBX BitX Wallet

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Wallets that support XBX

MetamaskTrust walletWallet connectFortmatic

Guide on how to add XBX token to a wallet:

How to add XBX to wallet