Cloud Mining is a process in which customers take part in a mining pool and purchase a certain amount of “Hash Power”.An equal proportion of profit is distributed among all the participants.

An equal proportion of profit is distributed among all the participants.

Clound Mining is for those who want to have the benefits of cryptocurrency mining without maintaining any mining equipment.

Cloud mining pools

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XBX Cloud Mining

XBX Cloud Mining – Get the most hash rate for your money

Due to our large Crypto Mining Facilities in South East Asia, which are directly located on-site at a new eco-friendly power plant, we receive an up to 50% discount on electricity costs. This translates into lower subscription fees for our users and higher yields on your investment. What you get is eco-friendly green mining at maximum yields.

GPU Mining

GPU mining is a process of solving complex math problems to verify cryptocurrency transactions such as Bitcoin and Ethereum using processing power from a gaming computer’s graphics processing unit.

XBX Cloud Mining

What is ASIC Mining?

Likewise, the job of ASIC miners is to review and verify previous transactions and create a new block so the information can be added to the blockchain. The first miner to find the solution to the puzzle is able to authorize the transaction.

Such miner will receive a reward. The reward includes all of the transaction fees for the transactions in that block, which motivates miners to collect as many transactions into a block as possible to increase their reward.