Earn Rewards and Returns on your investment and generate a monthly passive income

XBX Staking & Rewards is one of the key utility functions of XBX in the XBX digital ecosystem. By staking XBX you can earn over 100% APY returns on your initial investment as well as earn rewards in other Cryptocurrencies.

Staking Rewards

We are currently cooperating with Banana Finance, which offers a number of different options to stake XBX. You can collect your rewards anytime for medium range returns or you can lock your funds for a certain period of time to receive higher rewards. Rewards are paid in XBX, USDT, BNNF and other currencies. For more information check out Banana Finance:

Why should I earn passive income?

Why should I earn passive income?

It’s no secret, passive income is one of the most talked-about, and sought after elements of personal finance — and for good reason. From building massive wealth to escaping a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle, passive income can have an extremely positive impact on just about any financial situation.

But that begs the question: Why is passive income so important?

In short, passive income is important because it creates stability, security, and freedom in your financial life. Additionally, since passive income is not limited by your time and effort, it can have a positive, and significant effect on your ability to build wealth.

In other words, passive income is one of the best ways to improve your financial situation. Here are the top 5 reasons why passive income is important

Here are the top 5 reasons why passive income is important:


Financial Stability


Say goodbye to monthly paychecks


Focus on what you are passionate about


Secure your retirement early


Live anywhere you want in the world